Tour Guide

Dear Travelers, Welcome to Switzerland!
My name is Nina and I am a local tour guide in Switzerland.

I am really passionate about traveling and this is what brought me to the job of tour guide.
I have been doing this job for the past few year, conducting tours throughout Europe (France- Switzerland- Italy- Luxembourg- Netherlands, Belgium).

Switzerland is also a very safe place to live (and travel of course!) where people are “organized and disciplined”. You might have heard the stereotype that Swiss people are cold and not very welcoming. But believe me, once you know them and be their friends, they will be your friend forever. I want to introduce you to this beautiful country and busting this myth.

Switzerland is my home: here I have my family, a job that I love and I am currently studying here. I have discovered Switzerland myself by learning about our history and culture and traveling around, and I fell in love with it. I am also a certified IATM and ETOA Tour Leader, therefore I am qualified to guide you in Europe, and especially Switzerland. I can organize tour in Zurich but also to nearby cities like Luzern or Basel. . .

Do you want to discover Switzerland through the eyes of a local? Then contact me for a tour!
I will be happy to tailor the itinerary according to your interests.

I look forward to meeting you in Switzerland!


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